This is me. Who else, then?? It was taken last August when the three of us...my wife and my son Joshua spent a week in Ireland. The location is "Ladies Point" with the Lakes of Killarney in the background. In the real world, I have a ad agency where I spend my days producing radio and television commercials. We live in a historic townhouse built in 1836. I began collecting playing cards about 20 years ago after having moderated an all night radio talk show called "Psychic World"which aired on a CBS radio station in the mid-70's. I interviewed all kinds of....let's just say unusual....folks. Mediums. Spiritualists. Psychics. You name it.

When I became skeptical of psychics and discovered what I considered a lot of fraud in the field, I decided to learn some magic, particularly mentalism, in order to understand how they did their stuff. Along the way, I developed an interest in card magic. One holiday season, my wife bought me a gift of a reproduction of the 1805 Cotta Transformation for about $7. And that was the beginning. I soon sought the real McCoy and found a Dondorf non-standard pack at a small antique store. The rest is history. (So to speak.) Kay Gregory in New York became an important early source of fine decks. I then contacted Gene Hochman who was invaluable as both a teacher and a source. Lenny Schnear was always helpful over the years.[Image]

Right: Slugger Josh. He'd rather be a computer nerd, but he's too good looking.
So he's both.

Besides collecting cards, I have an interest in Scuba Diving, Cruise Ships, art deco, and history. I will serve on the board of a wonderful institution here called the Civil War Library and Museum (I also have collected Civil War Swords) and also serve on the boards of Philadelphia Geriatric Center and Boys Town Jerusalem. After graduating from Temple University in 1961, I traveled extensively and ended up living in Israel for a year and a half.

[Image]Left: The family posing for a snapshop outside of Kilkenny Castle.

During the past year I have spoken to a number of folks in the playing card world and have joined the IPCS and 52 Plus Joker. I've been actively cataloging my collection.

I hope to update and add to this site on a regular basis, and would certainly enjoy hearing from visitors with comments and suggestions. MAIL

Here's another one of my favorites. Got this from Yasha in London. It's a French Coat of Arms Pack. Around 1648. Could be the oldest in my collection.